Dear customers, as soon as you contact us online, by phone or arrive at our office, you will be assigned a personal manager, who will help you in the process of choosing and purchasing your dream car.
Our specialist will work with you throughout the entire buying process, answering any questions, helping you choose the perfect vehicle for you, arranging financing and scheduling delivery.

     Aside from a few legal forms and financial documents that you sign upon delivery, the entire process can be easily handled online or over the phone, and you don't have to leave your home or office unnecessarily.
A short algorithm for ordering a car in CHI:
Our manager is always in touch and is ready to guide you through every step to get the desired car:

1 Car selection
Selection of a car and coordination of a complete set of a car.

2 Contract
After receiving and approving a photo of your car, an advance payment of $ 1000 is made to sign the contract for the supply of the car. We book a specific car in China.

3 Payment
Obtaining a VIN code, invoice for payment (invoice indicating your personal data and a specific car). You pay at the bank the cost of the car according to the details to China.

4 Sending
Delivery of your car to the port of China, insurance, loading on the ship, departure. Transfer of all information on the delivery of your car, you will always be aware of the location of your car, thanks to convenient tracking.

5 Receiving
Arrival of a car in port, unloading, customs clearance, certification, delivery of the car to its destination. Signing the deed of transfer after a complete inspection, according to the contract and photos attached in addition to the purchase.

6 Congratulations!
You enjoy driving your electric car.
Your savings: from several thousand $ when buying an economy or middle class car, up to several tens of thousand $ for a premium class car. CHIMotors will do everything necessary to ensure that you get the car of your dreams profitably, comfortably and on time!

Details about the process:

Car selection in China

CHIMotors is a dealer and supplier of vehicles of all brands and models from China and beyond. We are successfully engaged in the sale and urgent purchase of cars from world famous factories, sites and car dealerships. Each car is thoroughly checked by the company's inspector before purchase. The offers of the Chinese market are so interesting in terms of prices, high quality and assortment that they attract huge attention of consumers all over the world.

Before buying a car, we carefully check its condition, filtering out dishonest outbidding, selecting only serviceable and profitable cars. Within the limits of your budget, we will select the perfect car much cheaper than analogues in the domestic market.

Our managers are professionals with many years of experience. Therefore, we can easily make an ideal offer for any, the most demanding client. Our client base is a multitude of satisfied buyers who have purchased their dream car. Working with ChiMotors you will get the widest range of used and new cars. It is easy and profitable to buy a car with our company!

Overland delivery within China

After paying the invoice, your purchased transport is brought to the terminal for shipment. Transportation in China will be carried out by the company's car transporter. The period during which transportation through the territory of China is carried out will be within 7 days 

At the loading site, the consolidation of goods (consolidation) is carried out - this is the collection of cars from different senders for sending in the same direction, for a favorable price for your delivery.

The number of cars sent by ChiMotors will allow you not to wait for different senders from other organizations, but to fill and send containers on your own with a guarantee for integrity at all stages of delivery

If all documents are available, the car will be dispatched within 7-20 days. The loading time depends on the consolidation of goods in the required direction. As a rule, we use Ro-ro or standard 40-foot container, it can hold from 3 to 4 medium-sized cars.

After loading, the container is delivered to the port, and the documents are sent to customs. After all customs procedures are completed, the documents are returned to our office, and the container is loaded onto the ship for shipment. Then you get the address of the website of the shipping company and the number of the container, where you can track its progress.

Container transportation across the ocean

CHIMotors has access to all used customs loading terminals located in key ports. Also, the cost of delivery of a car can be affected by its dimensions. Obviously, a large SUV or a truck will take up more space in a container than a sedan, and accordingly, you will have to pay a little more for their delivery. We use containers of various types in length to load several vehicles at once into one, namely: 20-feet, 40-feet and 45-feet. Taking into account many years of experience and knowing the dimensions of the transported vehicles, we can reliably and safely place several cars in each container and are responsible for changing the appearance of the car upon delivery.

After the completion of all customs procedures, the documents are returned to our office and the containers are loaded onto the ship for shipment to the port. It is possible to send both one position and the entire container to any port in the world.

Documentary support and insurance

We ourselves are engaged in the preparation of all the necessary documents. Registration of customs declarations and other related export documentation from the moment of purchase to the final destination near our office in Odessa or any other port of the world.


Assistance in customs clearance. The main package of documents is prepared while the car is on the road. During unloading at the port of destination, inspection of the regulatory authorities, the portfolio is finally filled with all the necessary papers and is ready for submission to the customs service. ChiMotors will make the process of car delivery easy and efficient, meeting all your expectations! Many years of experience in the field of international transport and logistics services will help to solve any problems and issues that arise in the process of registration, purchase and delivery of a car.

We only have safe delivery of cars from China to Ukraine. We insure the car for the entire period of container transportation. Before loading at the port, the client receives a high-quality photo report of his car from all sides, according to which the company will be financially responsible for the integrity during a personal inspection of the car at the pick-up point of the car.


Car delivery across the territory of Ukraine


If you do not have the opportunity to come to our ChiMotors and independently deliver the vehicle to the region you need - we will be happy to help you with this! If necessary, we will organize the delivery of the car to any point in Ukraine reliably, efficiently and in the shortest possible time!


Car customs clearance


We guarantee our clients assistance in customs clearance and in the preparation of accompanying documentation. Unloading from a ship's container, expedition to the port of Odessa, dismantling the container and unloading your car, appraising the car and the procedure of customs clearance itself - customs clearance. We prepare all the necessary documents in advance. The approximate time for customs clearance of a car from the United States takes from 2 days to 2 weeks. Provided that all the documents necessary for the customs procedure were submitted on time.


Arriving in Ukraine, all cars go through the process of customs clearance, certification and registration. CHI Motors will be happy to help you in this process and will do everything on a turnkey basis. The car will be handed over to you at the Ukrainian registration within the agreed time frame.

Today, you can import a car and clear customs, but during the initial registration in the Ukrainian register, the car must still undergo certification, and it is with her that problems arise. The most common reason for refusal is the lack of compliance with European standards. For example, turn signals and headlights that do not shine so well or taillights. But such problems can be easily solved by specialists at our service station. The company is engaged in obtaining a certificate of conformity for your wheeled vehicle (CTS) in the metrology authorities, according to the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, which is necessary for registering your car.


Ukrainian registration


The CHI Motors company is engaged in the most complete support of its customers, our employees will do all the formal work on registration at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for you, saving you time and nerves from long queues and expectations.

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