For legal entities, dealers and wholesale buyers! We offer mutually beneficial partnership conditions for everyone who plans to buy new and used electric cars and with internal combustion engines in China, USA, Canada. Convenient access to all logistics and business processes that CHI Motors has at its disposal. An effective solution to your business problems in cooperation with an international leader in the import of transport from China and America.      

          Wholesale department: +38(073)244-66-86
We are over 11 years old

For over 11 years we have been successfully selecting and delivering new and used cars from China, USA and Canada. CHI Motors is a leader in terms of supply volumes, number of offers and geographic coverage.

All types of transport

We carry all types of transport - cars, trucks and minibuses, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, yachts and boats, ATVs, motorcycles, mobile homes.

Benefits for our partners

  • Full access to the largest car manufacturers in China, USA and Canadian auctions. Bidding and buying any vehicle.

  • History and photos of any car.

  • Column A Purchases of Cars at US Auction. Lowest Auction Fee.

  • Selection and supply of auto parts.

  • Canadian Tax Refund on Vehicle Purchases in Canada.

  • Car delivery to any country from 20 ports located in China, America and Canada.

  • Working with non-standard cargo, solving complex logistic issues (deck delivery of oversized cargo in Ro-Ro format).

    Purchase and delivery of all types of vehicles and equipment: cars, trucks, agricultural equipment, water transport, motorcycles, ATVs, mobile homes, forklifts, etc.

  • Prompt consolidation and selection of the most convenient port for you.

  • Car insurance with a policy.


CHI Motors geography

CHI Motors works with all major ports in China, USA and Canada. We deliver transport from China and the USA to any port in the world, at the request of the client. CHI Motors has physical offices in Ukraine (3 cities), as well as in the USA, Kazakhstan, Norway and the UAE. In addition, we carry cars to France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other countries of Europe, Asia and the American continent.

Working with legal entities

We offer favorable conditions for the purchase of vehicles for legal entities. Among the advantages are the return of customs payments up to 70%, VAT optimization. There are lending, leasing and payment by installments. Find out more about the conditions for legal entities. persons.

Cooperation with dealers

We invite business to cooperate! We provide mutually beneficial terms for all firms and companies in the field of auto sales from China, America, Canada. We open access to all our services for buying a car, delivery, insurance. Wholesale rates for transportation and full documentary support are waiting for you. We guarantee a stable and efficient workflow at all stages.

Spare parts

  CHI Motors company carries out wholesale and retail deliveries of auto parts from China, America, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and Europe. We have a large auto parts department.

Who Can Become a CHI Motors Partner?

All legal entities, dealers and wholesalers. With us it is possible to buy both retail and wholesale. We offer unique benefits for different categories of partners. Among them are the minimum auction fee rates (column A), low shipping rates, large coverage of ports around the world, and many other benefits.


What services does CHI Motors provide for partners?


  • Access to all sites for the sale of vehicles in America and Canada.
  • Car history check using Carfax and Autocheck databases.
  • Purchase and delivery of auto parts. Delivery of cars to Ukraine and other countries.
  • Selection and delivery of all types of transport, including commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, motorhomes, water transport and motorcycles.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Staff training.

Is it possible to wholesale used cars from China, America and Canada?

 Sure. With CHI Motors you have the opportunity to buy used vehicles both wholesale and retail. For bulk deliveries, special purchase and delivery rates apply.


                             Is there a documentary support service for CHI Motors partners?

Yes, CHI Motors managers provide comprehensive support at all stages of importing used vehicles from China, the United States and Canada.
We enable our partners to calmly focus on the most important matters, while we are engaged in the purchase and supply of vehicles, spare parts and all related issues.

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